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We don't just build your website, We become your personal website team
Continously updating your website to help your business grow

Why we are different from other website designers:

1. We only do yoga website design: While other website designers might design and build websites for a variety of industries, our company we only focus on Yoga Studios. This means we understand your business, and why you do things the way you do them. We understand what is important to a yoga studios, and can make suggestions for content and design that have been optimized for yoga studios.

2. We are a team of people: Don't you hate it when you have to get something fixed on your website and your designer is out of town on vacation, so you have to wait. We are a team of people, that means there is always somebody there to help you and update your website in a timely manner.

3. We are not just technical people: We're not going to loose you in technicial speak, we are going to work with you in terms and language that you understand, and is relative to the yoga industry.

4. We understand that it is an ongoing process. While anyone can create you a website, we believe that it is an ongoing process. That is why we each month we send you suggestions for things we can add or change on your yoga website and improvements to the way that you are doing things. It is also why we give a free site re-design every three years, because your business is going to very different in three years so your website should reflect your growth and change with you. We attend seminars each year to learn new method and techniques that you can use on your website to maximize your marketing potential.

5. We understand it is not all about the money. Each year we donate to a variety of charities and causes that are dear to us. This ranges for supporting a school in Uganda, to support kids and adult with albinism in African, to building wells, and doing local community service projects in our own city.

"Building and Designing Websites specifically for Yoga Studios"