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1. Is it really only $179/month are you going to try and sell me add-ons and all types of extra services?

Yes it really is only $179/month. We will never try and sell you anything extra or any add-ons. Our goal is provide you a simple easy service that makes having a website very easy for your yoga studio. Sometimes we get people asking us who we suggest for online payment processors or customer/schedule management systems and other systems. We will suggest vendors that we have worked with in the past or vendors that our other clients have used, but you are free to use those or any other vendor, there is no requirement that you use any particular vendor.

2. Is it really unlimited content updates every month?

Yes. You send us all the changes you need to your website, at any time, and we will have them done for you typically within 24-48 hours.

3. Some months we have no changes needed on our website do we still have to pay for that month?

Yes. Our service is designed around the idea that some months you will have tons of changes and additions to your website, and other months you will have very few updates, so on average it works out about right. Also each month we send out emails with suggestions on things you should change or add to your website (ie. like new call to actions for the different times of the year), typically you just have to reply with and yes or no and we go in and make those changes for you.

4. How long do I have to sign up for?

You can quit at any point, we just ask for 30 days notice, but you can leave at anytime for any reason. We will provide you all your usernames and passwords that we might have to ease the transition to your new designer. Most of our clients stay for the long term because they love the professional, easy, and quick service that we provide making sure that they site is always up-to-date, professional looking and providing them the maximal marketing potential.

5. Do all your websites look the same? Are we getting a template site?

No, your website can be as unique as you want. We create each website individually to express the unique characteristics of your particular yoga studio. If you have a vision for your site we can make it a reality, or if you don't know where to start we can point you in the right direction with many ideas and examples.

6. Do you provide the hosting for us?

We don't provide the physical hosting. We are experts at building, maintaining, and getting your website to give maximum to your customers. We leave the hosting of websites to the experts in hardware and running data centers. If you are currently hosting your site somewhere we can just keep it hosted there and make the changes to the site, or we can suggest a number of vendors that can provide the hosting. (and we can help transfer it for you). Hosting is typically only about $7-$10/month depending on your needs.




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