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Our Service includes:

Initial Consultation:

  • Do a FULL review of each page of your current yoga website site to ensure that it is providing the maximum marketing potential and make the changes to fix anything that is missing, for example:
    • Checking title tags on each page
    • Checking that all links are in text (include menu links)
    • Checking that there is an Call to Action on each page
    • Checking that contact info is easily accessible
    • Checking the content on each page
      • Ensure schedules are up to date
      • Tuition & Fees are easily available
      • Checking pictures and other content reflect your studio.
      • Making suggestions for missing content
      • Etc…
  • If your website is starting to look old or the layout is poor, we will create a new design for your website (completely FREE as part of the monthly service charge), including a mobile website if needed
  • Setup/check that your yoga business is setup with Google Places.
  • Submit sitemap to Google to ensure all pages are being crawled by Google properly.
  • Setup your yoga website with Google Analytics to be able to track visits and terms.
  • Based on the results of how your website ranks for specific terms that you determine are important for your business and location. (eg. Yoga Lessons Vancouver) we will modify the site to ensure that it is optimized for Google, including title tags and content, and incorporating successfull marketing strategies.
  • If there are any content changes that you require (ie. new schedules, classes, teachers, fees, etc) we will update those.
  • and many more things....

Every Month ($179/month) includes:

  • When you require any updates to content (ie. new schedule, pictures, videos, fees, etc) on the site you just email us the changes required and we take care of the changes on your website for you.(Typically we try have the changes done within 24-48 hours).
  • Every year we do another full review of your yoga website to ensure that you using your site to your full potential and make suggestions on ways we could make your site better (ie. incorporating new strategies, or implementing new features like online registration.
  • Each month we send out an email suggesting changes that we should make to your website that month (ie. new Call to Actions, getting new schedules or special events you could do on the site, etc) and any new strategies that we have discovered that we could incorporate into your site.
  • Every 4 months we do a online group training session to show you how to use technology better (ie. How to use the data in Google Analytics, or setup Shared Calendar, Google Docs, etc)
  • If there are any other changes/additions or ideas you would like to implement on your website we can do that as well for you.
  • Finally Every 3 years we re-create a new design for your website to give it a fresh look and feel for FREE!
"Building and Designing Websites specifically for Yoga Studios"